Mens 9 Hole


Men’s 9 Hole League


Who May Join

The league is open to all men age 18 and older.

How Do I Join?

Registration forms are available at the golf shop or by following this link.

How Do I Sign Up For Weekly Play?

Sign up for tee times as a group or individually and we will attempt to pair you. You may sign up for and play every week or the weeks that you wish to play.

A block of tee times will be reserved for your league beginning at 4:16 pm.

Tee times may be reserved in advance in person or by telephone up to seven days in advance for the first week. Each week after, times can be reserved in person before play the week prior, or by telephone after 6:30pm the week prior.

Willow Springs will reserve the league’s block of tee times through Tuesday. On Wednesday, any times not filled will be made available to the public.

League begins Monday, April 23, 2018

Each week after play Willow Springs Golf Course will record and total each player’s point totals and post this “leader board” each week along with the results from the previous week.

What are the Fees to Join?

The annual league membership is $30. This money goes into the weekly prize fund and to the annual 9 hole handicap service.

Each week, league members will pay a discounted 9 hole greens fee, a riding or pull cart fee if one is desired, and $2 towards the weekly prize fund.

Each Week Players Can Earn Points Through the Following:

  • 1 Point – For posting a nine hole score (just show up and play)
  • 2 Points – For each hole where your net (with handicap) score is better than par
  • 1 Point – For each hole where your net score is equal to par
  • 0 Points – For each hole where your net score is higher than par
  • 4, 3, 2, or 1 Points – Respectively for the four low nine hole net scores each week